Private Landowner Partnership

We are planting 2 million trees along the 401 Highway of Heroes and surrounding communities, a tribute to the men and women who fought for Canada in our wars, and a living memorial to the 117,000 who died for freedom.

With our Private Landowner Partnership, you can have a piece of the world’s largest living tribute while doing your part to protect our environment, beautify our communities and honour our Canadian Heroes.


The Highway of Heroes Tree Campaign offers qualified landowners planted native seedlings, each tree a part of the living tribute for our Canadian heroes.

As a first step, qualified staff will perform a site visit of your  property.  With your input, a site plan will be prepared to select suitable planting locations and tree species for your property. As part of the planning process, we can also provide information on tree and forest management, including any potential property tax savings. Vegetation control may be required depending on site conditions.

After the initial planting, we will conduct a follow-up survival assessment to ensure your trees will stand as a living memorial to Canada’s heroes. 


  • Land must be within approximately 15km of Highway of Heroes (401 from Trenton to Keele St in Toronto)

  • Sites of 2.5 acres or greater will be given preference, but sites as small as 1 acre will also be considered

  • A tree density of 1,000-1,500/acre is preferred

  • Landowner provides basic care such as watering of trees, if possible and needed during establishment

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To learn more about the program and discuss your eligibility please fill out the form below to the best of your knowledge.

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For more information please contact:
April Stevenson
Tree Planting Stewardship Manager
Tel: (705) 340-2989
Email: april@hohtribute.ca


Blessed is the one who plants a tree knowing they will not be there to enjoy its shade.
— Mr. and Mrs. David and Sharon Johnston, Highway of Heroes Tree Campaign Honorary Patrons