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The Highway of Heroes Tree Campaign

Honouring our military. Cooling the environment. Beautifying North America’s most traveled highway.


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Honouring our military, cooling the environment and beautifying North America’s most travelled highway.

When a member of Canada’s Armed Forces falls in combat, his or her final journey is along the Highway of Heroes from CFB Trenton to the Coroner’s Office in Toronto.

We are planting 2 million trees along the 401 Highway of Heroes, a tribute to the men and women who fought for Canada in our wars, and a living memorial to the 117,000 who sacrificed their lives for freedom.

Every Canadian can be a part of this historic tribute.  Look at the names on the cenotaph in YOUR community.  Help us to honour those from YOUR community and ensure their spirit lives on in a living tribute!

Honour & Remembrance

Phebe (Huffman) Smith

Capt. Frank Wencel CD Retired

RCR 1951/10/11 Jones Robert James Private A-800460 - KIA Korean war

RCASC 1952/01/08 Jones, Kenneth Bryant Private A-800523 - KIA Korean war

PPCLI 1952/01/15 McIntyre, Earl Alva Private SA933 - KIA Korean war

RCR 1953 /05/03 Girard, Robert Frederick Thomas Private SA2669 - KIA Korean war

RCA 1953/05/09 Weir, Clifford Donald Gunner SA1648 - KIA Korean war

PPCLI 1953/05/16 Tellier, Joseph Private SA1863 - KIA Korean war

RHRC 1954/06/14 Laframboise, Clifford Joseph Private SA5473 - KIA Korean war

Alex Bramson, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Jack Cain, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Keith Woods, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

John Stevens, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Alfred Carpenter, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Bob Black, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Harold Wilkinson, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

William Kinnear, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Matt Petrowich, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Don Matheson, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Denis McNeil, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Gord Taylor, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Joe Smyth, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Bill Drew, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Ernie Brown, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Ron Danks, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Gord Hughes, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Jim Whitlaw, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Martin Franchetto, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Larry Brodie, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Joe O'Grady, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Vince Boudreau, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Jack Ross, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Elmer Graham, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Ray Richardson, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

William Cameron, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Eugene Tobin, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

George Donnelly, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Dennis Hall, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Geoffery Magee, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Jim McDowell, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Frank Sweeney, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Ted Kay, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Mel Greenwood, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Jack Laurie, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Paul Kenwood, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Harry Parkin, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Jim Atkins, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Art Burchat, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Chuck Edmonds, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

David Lamb, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Ed Willis, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Stan Pearce, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Art Hammond, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Dick Masales, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Bill Olynchuk, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Tom McCabe, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

George Angus, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Joe Ryan, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Les Norman, Burl-Oak Naval Veteran

Clyde Kent

Thomas Saunders

Sgt. Sheldon Addison Foster, #817946 - served in WWI from March 1916-November 11, 1918

Regimental Sergeant Major Carl A. Miles of Woodstock, ON

Pte. Edmund R. Dubois

Pte. Alvin J. Dubois

Christopher Allan Mariner

Major Wilhelmus (Bill) Antonius

All Fallen Soldiers of Cambridge Ontario

Frank Buller

Brownie Marusaik, Member of the Merchant Marines

Jason McGillis, Air Force

Gerald Gurvey RCAF vet from Winnipeg- March 1923- Dec 23, 2016 - he loved trees , family and Canada

Sgt. John J. Rizok

K M Hossack who proudly served his country in WW II

Donald Murray flew Lancasters RCAF WW2 & died Korean War Oct 1951

Owen Miller - RCAF killed July 1944

Douglas Murray( grandfather) 4 CMRs who fought at Vimy Ridge

Sergeant Jesse Tait, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry

Stan Angel

George J Farrell WWII veteran

Ernest Henley WW2

Cyril Clemance WW1

Allen Johnson

Family members of Ann Boyd Cochrane Skinner who fought in WW1

In memory of Serena Frances Hanley-Renner and Paul Christopher Renner (Royal Canadian Navy)

MWO Daniel C. Lamoureux, serving member in the CF since 1986

On behalf of the men who lost their lives in the plane crash in Skipton on Swaile,England when trying to land after a mission on August 5th, 1944.

Walter Frederick Sporne 125th Overseas Battalion C.E.F

John Malnick for 34 years of service in the Canadian Forces and RCMP

Lance Corporal William James Knight of the South Saskatchewan Regiment killed at Dieppe France August 19 1942.

Charles Jones, 124th Pioneer Battalion, KIA on July 25, 1917 on the outskirts of Lens and buried in Cabaret Rouge British Cemetery, just south of Souchez, France

The son of James Cochrane, stationed in Shilo

Robert James White, LCol (ret'd)

Flight Sergeant Donald Leslie Ballingall, Bomber Command, KIA March 1942

Corporal Tyler Crooks

Frank Richardson one of the first 500 in the Royal Newfoundland Regiment

William James Boynton

LCdr/Capc Hubert Tong

James LeBlanc, Nova Scotia Regiment

Major Gavin Rainnie, Killed on Juno Beach Dday June 6, 1944

Cpl (Ret'd) Eric Richer

Jack and Pauline Harder (nee Spencer), WWII veterans

Father of K. Ball, who was an Officer with the Queen's Own Rifles of Canada and Grandfather who served overseas in WWII

Angus John MacLeod, served in WWII

William James Robinson

Vernon Kenneth Shortreed Royal Canadian Regiment killed in Korea Oct. 17,1952

Capt. Frank Wencel CD

Staff Sergeant W. Douglas Scott - Royal Canadian Air Force, WWII

William Russell Keiller - Toronto Scottish Regiment, WWII

Norman J. Keiller - Toronto Scottish Regiment, WWII

David Alexander Keiller - Toronto Scottish Regiment, WWII

Lance Corporal Robert James Fleming - Canadian Army, WWII

Ellwood Harold Butler

Alan McIntyre

MWO James C McGuire CD RCEME

Korean Veterans

Harold Stratton Matthews - Lieutenant, 1st Brigade C.F.A., C.E.F. Killed in action at Mount Sorrell, Belgium. June 2, 1916 aged 22 years.

Howard Addington Foster

Private George Edgar Moore

Lester Harvey Cudmore

PVT Ted Truskowski - Son of Karol and Marcella Truskowski of Creighton Mines, ON. Private: Royal Canadian Regiment Fought: Battle or Ortona His Death: April 19,1944 Burial: Moro River Canadian Cemetary (CWGC) Povincia di Chieti, Abruzzo, Italy

Gordon S. Douglas

Clifford G. Coon

Mrs. Patricia Couillard - who served Canada in WWII

Walter Charles Morgan, WWII Veteran from Manitoba

Corporal Walter Charles Greer -Served in the Canadian Army with The Ontario Regiment, service number B67894 out of Base Borden in WWII.

Joshua William Purc, Served 2 tours in Afghanistan

Robert Wells

Peter Skalozub - R.C.E. & R.C.A.F.

Bruce Wentzell

1st Lt. AC Chatton US Army 1941-1944

Dad and Grandad of Debby Dorland

Richard J. MacDonald

F/O Lawrence Aloysius Doherty - J/7468 of the Black Knight-Squadron 414, flying a Mustang 1, died in the early morning of June 6th, 1943, over the Bay of Biscay, on a secret escort mission

Gordon Burke

Albert James Winslow - killed at Vimy Ridge

Corporal Nick Kerr

Donald M. Jacobs, The Black Watch, infantry and piper , WWII

Alexander M. Bergart and Jack Ruby - soldiers in WWII


Pte. Donald Maurice Foster, Lanark and Renfrew Scottish Regiment

Pte. Mariano Conceicao

Victor Charles Cully

William Kylie Murphy

Shawn Stewart

Sgt Morland Leonard Hembruff RCAF

Adam Young

Patrick Joseph Geary

Tony Werrett

Fred Joyce (Korean Vet, still living)

Private Samuel Adams, August 19, 1942 - Dieppe, France

Margaret Brand WRENS

Cmdr Archie Brand RNVR

Major Ken Dubie DND

William Rosentreter of Pine Falls, Manitoba

Homer Morris

Stanley Agar

Boyce Donaldson

Norman Brydges

James Moon

Roy H. Moon

Aimé Laflamme, WWII Veteran

Robert Lee Leroux

Uncles of Sandra Bruce who served in WWII

Lt R Forbes Colgate and N/S Jean Colgate

Jack Hadley, D-Day Veteran, Queen's Own Rifles of Canada

William James Patterson

Cecil Harris and Russel Kirby - Thessalon, ON War Veterans

Robert White and Ernie Trottier - for their dedication and service overseas in WWII

Royal Regiment Of Canada Dieppe Casualties

George F. Aiken

Clare Ford

Michele Pallotta

Domenico Pallotta

the Veterans from St. Joseph's Island

Robert Kiessling

Ivan Wesley Kelly

Matthias Lewis Smith

Lewis B. Smith

Henry Louis Norwest

Charles Checker

Colonel Jeffrey Parker

Private Fred Smith | Perth Regiment #A11766 | KIA Dec.1944, Villa Nova, Italy

J. Stewart Scott from Lanark County (Perth), ON. Served proudly in the RCAF during WWII.

Shawn Eades

Mark Graham

Lt. Col. John W. Foote V.C. C.D

Robert Baker Albright | Rank: Pilot Officer | Service No.: J/15590 Division 405 Squadron Unit | Royal Canadian Airforce | Bob was born on March 5, 1916 | Bob died July 24, 1942 when his plane crashed and all on board were killed. He is buried at Barmby Church Yard.

Robert Baker Albright

Diesel & Tiffany - Honouring their service to their country and their fellow servicemen & women.

Corporal Daryll Davies

Battery Sergeant Major Frank Shepherd

The Parents of Joanna Carlberg, Veterans of WWII

Thomas H. Hemming

Sir Leonard Tilley, a New Brunswicker, was a Father of Confederation

The Uncle of a donor who was a 21 year old RCAF bomber pilot, was shot down over Berlin in 1943

Tushar Pain

John(Midge) Midgley

Thomas William Boucher

Maxwell Armitage

Gordon Spearman

Cecil Fulcher 727581 110th WWI

Lewis Fulcher 42nd 126164 WWI Vimy Memorial

Sgt Thomas D'Arcy McGee

George Soles

Cpl Marie-France Comeau

Pierrette (Perry) Simard, RCAF MWO (Ret'd)

William Smith

Carleton John Bryant - served in the North of France at Vimy Ridge

Donald P. Stewart - Born 1933 died 2012, joined RAF in Scotland in 1951 as a peacekeeper in Germany until 1956

Pte William Marshall

Pte Jean-Maurice Dicaire

Chief Johnson Paudash

Honouring all the past and present members of Thornhill Presbyterian Church who have served this country.

Morton, Arthur Ernest Bernard - Unit 99th Battalion, Rank Lieutenant, Name A.E. Morton, Officers Declaration Paper C.E.F., Date March 13th, 1916, Windsor, ON

Staff Sargeant Thomas Thewlis Moore - RCAP

Bertram Graham

Reece Edwin Sparling RCAF WWII RCAF 418 Squadron

Percival Frank Green WWI

All Veterans of Royal Canadian Legion Branch 211

Past and present Veterans at Royal Canadian Legion Branch 370 Iroquois, Ontario

Col. Fred Tilston, VC

Sgt. Thomas Clifford Brisco

Pte. Richard Paul Beazley The North Shore (N.B.) Regiment, R.C.I.C. 26th February, 1945

Charles Edwin Sweet Chief petty officer RCN 2563 Died April 29th 1944 on the H.M.C.S. Athabaskan

Ernie Ellis, RCAF Veteran

Jack Coros 1920-1998 Served in World War II. Liberated the village of Kampen Holland April 1945. The home of his future bride Mies.

W/O Robert John Wilson of the Royal Canadian Regiment

William "Poppy" Emslie, WWII Navy

Clifford Roland Staples fought at Vimy Ridge in the First World War

Charlie Winn

Donald David Lamont - WWII Veteran Royal Canadian Navy (deceased)

In memory of all veteran from the former Town of Lindsay and surrounding area, County of Victoria, now City of Kawartha Lakes who paid the supreme sacrifice during conflicts from time of Confederation to current conflicts

George Heron - enlisted Port Hope May 1915 - 39th Batt. 3rd C.E.F.

MCpl Howard Mark Smith, Essex Scottish Regiment WW2 vet, and 2nd Canadian Guards UN Cyprus peacekeeping

MWO James Bernard "Bill" Eno, RCASC, UN Egypt Sinai peace keeping tour

Sergeant Roy Hutchinson Moon - WWII

Allan Doiron ,killed in Action Sept 5,1944 He lays buried in France

Robert James Ingram, a lieutenant in the Royal Canadian Navy who served throughout the Second World War on a corvette.

Charles MacDonell who fought in the Second World War

James Albert William Jolley & Sarah Elizabeth Jolley (Blick) RCN veterans of World War II

Ollie Edward Cromwell WWII

Charles Edward Cromwell WWI

Private William Ward, 142633, 21st Battalion, Canadian Infantry (Eastern Ontario Regt.) died October 8th, 1916 - buried at Contay British Cemetery, Contay, France. Left behind 5 children.

Alan Foy - gunner in WW2

Private Cecil Everett Cathcart, from Ottawa, Served in WW1, 74th 11, enlisted 1915

Herbert Osborn who died 100 years ago on April 1 1917 in the trenches at Vimy. He is buried in France.

Sir Herbert A. Strutt who served in the RCAF 411 Squadron, 126 Air Field, 2nd TAF. This was the Leading Air Field for France/Hamburg. He signed up in 1940, age 20, and was discharged Sept 15, 1945. In his tour of duty, he travelled to England, Belgium, France, Germany, and Holland.

Thomas King

LCol R.E. Gilbank, CD

Major Robert Forbes, CD

Sgt. Craig Paul Gillam, died serving his country October 3, 2006

Past and present members of Thornhill Presbyterian Church who have served this country.

Thomas R Carr

Staff Sargeant Thomas Thewlis Moore

Frederick Francis Duff, killed June 1942 in the 1000 Bomber Raid over Bremen, Germany

Private Henry J. Frost - Edmonton, Alberta Second World War North Nova Scotia Highlanders Deceased - Normandy, July 1944

Private Jean-Maurice Dicaire- Regiment de Maisonneuve- KIA on Sunday October 29, 1944 in Kloetinge/Goes, Holland. He was 23 years old.

Alex Racette a WW1 veteran

William Greenaway KIA Aug 19,1942 Dieppe France

George Bushell who fought in WWI

Russell Boswell who is a living Veteran of WWII

Michael Derek Lawrence. RAF pilot in WW 2 and the Berlin Airlift. Service Number 553773

William Tough who served in WWI as a Marine

Kenneth Lloyd Duncan who served in WWII navy

CHARLES (? - 1967) 22ième Régiment Royal du Canada (2ième Guerrre mondiale)

Kenneth George Truin - who was killed in Holland on March 15 in 1945. He was 25 years old and a Royal Canadian Engineer. His service # is A48528.

John William Dempster

Jack Sinclair Boyer - KIA, Jan. 31st, 1943, RCAF Sergeant - Navigator and a Member of 145 Squadron - Killed over the North Atlantic..... And His Brother...... Gilbert Davies Boyer - KIA, April 4th, 1943, RCAF Sergeant - Wireless Operator/Air Gunner and a Member 408 Squadron. Buried in The Netherlands

Sgt. Shawn Allen Eades - KIA, Aug. 20, 2008 - Zharey District, Afghanistan

Corporal James Hayward Arnal - KIA, July 18, 2008; Panjwaii District, Afghanistan

Patrick O'Connor - Canadian Army - Korea, KIA, May, 1951

Barry O'Connor - RCAF, WWII - Tail Gunner, KIA over Skagerak, Denmark 1942

Private Martin Weber: Died in 1944 and is buried in the Canadian war cemetery Bretville-sur-laize near Cann, in northern France.

Lance Corporal James Henry Walter Johnson: (B/75006) 48th Highlanders of Canada. Died on May 23, 1944 at the age of 25. Buried in the Cassino War Cemetery. From the Harris Family

Mrs. Frances Gilchrist in remembrance of her parents; Douglas and Margaret Baker

John Harder, WWII vet who passed away this year. "He would have loved this!"

Major Jacqueline Grace Brewe - WWII Military Nursing Sister

Mr. John S. Murray - Navigator/Observer - Burma - WWII Ferdnand Maurice Aube - serving in Canada & Europe in WWII Walter Roy Couperthwaite Ernest George Sellers - Royal Canadian Navy, WWII Jonna Ebel and Doug Stemmler

William Temple Hall - RCAF, WWII - KIA over Hamburg, 1941

Lt. Colonel George Robert Irvin Power - WWII Veteran

Charles Cardinal - WWII POW in Hong Kong

Robert Cardinal - served during WWII in Canada and Europe

George Frederick Reid - Canadian Army

Harold Cardinal - served during WWII in Canada and Europe

John Cornelius Reid - RCAF

Issac Henry Cardinal - WWII demolitions expert - Canadian Army

Carl Murray Parise - Canadian Army

Leonard Edward Reid - RCAF

Hugh Beaty

Clifford James Challenger - Pilot Officer, J/18123, Royal Canadian Air Force, 57 Squadron: Killed on June 13, 1943

Flight Sergeant F.G.Fisher; member of RCAF Squadron 429. Died on Feb. 27 1945 when their Halifax Bomber crashed on takeoff, killing him and five other members.

Medard Cardinal - served during WWII in Canada and Europe