We are proud to share the launch of EcoSikh’s Global Initiative right here in Ontario! They are dedicated to planting 1,000,000 trees worldwide!

EcoSikh’s global organization was established in 2009 and is the Sikh community’s global response to climate change. The organization was derived from meetings with Prince Philip’s Alliance of Region and Conservation (ARC) and the United Nations’ Development Programme (UDNP). EcoSikh leverages teachings of the Sikh Faith to promote positive living for allhumanity and caring for our environment through active participation in the reversal of global warming and climate change.

On Saturday, August24th, EcoSikh Canada was officially launched with a press conference at Toronto Region and Conservation Authority operated Pioneer Village.

“Sikhs believe in peace, unity and dedicated servitude to all humanity. Canada is our beautiful home with rich cultural and bio diversity. With such beauty, comes great responsibility for our environment. EcoSikh Canada’s mission is to educate, partner and participate with all Canadians in combatting climate change.” – Roop Sidhu, President, EcoSikh Canada.

EcoSikh Canada is a not-for-profit, charitable organization created to support awareness through partnership and active participation in the reversal of climate change. The year of 2019 marks a significant date as the 550th birthday of Sikh religion’s founding father – Guru Nanak. Across the globe, Guru Nanak’s Gurpurab (Birthday Celebration) has seen 550 trees planted in multiple continents to support EcoSikh’s 1 million trees initiative.

EcoSikh Canada pledge is 55,000 trees planted across nation by 2021. The next event is set for Sat sept 7th from 9am -noon at Courtneypark Athletic Centre in Mississauga. Great work! We look forward to working together to plant trees!

For more information on EcoSikh Canada, visit or contact EcoSikh Canada at

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