Come See the Highway of Heroes Garden at Canada Blooms


Go to Canada Blooms and seek out our amazing Highway of Heroes Tree Campaign Feature Garden.  The garden, created by Joe Genovese of Genoscape Inc., is a breathtaking experience to behold.  A Landscape Ontario member, Joe is a creative genius and generous patron of our campaign.  Having put in countless hours and over $300,000 value in this garden, he has created the most ambitious feature garden seen in over a decade at Canada Blooms.

Support the Highway of Heroes Living Tribute

After you enjoy the moving experience of the Highway of Heroes Living Tribute garden, please consider supporting us with a donation.  The Highway of Heroes Tree Campaign will be at the exite of the garden accepting donations and providing you a gift for your generosity.  You can support the campaign during your visit to Canada Blooms by:

  • Purchasing a tree to be planted on the Highway of Heroes for $150. With your donation, you will receive either a limited-edition Highway of Heroes Tree Campaign Challenge Coin or a Certificate worthy of framing with the name of the person you are dedicating your tree to.

  • Make a donation of $50 and you will receive either Mark Cullen’s latest book, The New Canadian Garden or Pete Fisher’s book, The Highway of Heroes – True Patriot Love

Rebecca Harrison