“The time is long past when environmental sustainability can be dismissed as not Rotary’s concern. It is, and must be, everyone’s concern…”
 -Ian Riseley, Rotary International President

The mission of the Highway of Heroes Tree Campaign is to plant 2 million trees along the 401 Highway of Heroes in honour of all the men and women who fought for Canada in our wars, and the 117,000 who died for our freedom.


Special Offer for Rotarians: 2 for 1 Hero Trees


Click here for a printable remittance form to send with your cheque

For every $150 Rotary donation, 2 ‘Hero Trees’ – two of the 117,000 honouring our war dead – will be planted alongside the highway.

District 7070 has partnered with the Highway of Heroes Tree Campaign by donating a Hero Tree for every Rotary Club, as well as one for every Rotarian in District 7070. The goal now is to plant 30,000 trees this year, one for each attendee to the Rotary International Convention in 2018. Rotary’s participation will help to reach Ian Riseley’s goal of planting one tree for every Rotarian globally.

For every donation of $150, you are entitled to 2 official certificates to dedicate your trees. These certificates can be customized to recognize whomever you wish. You may choose to honour veterans, club members or loved ones. When military personnel or veterans are named at the time of donation, their names are added to the Highway of Heroes monthly newsletter and the rolling marquee on the homepage.

Fundraise as a Club:

Raise $2,500 and the Highway of Heroes will provide:

  • A Certificate of Appreciation presented to your Club
  • A custom newsletter/media piece which details your Club’s achievements
  • An update for your club on the new highway tree planting activities

Raise $5,000 and the Highway of Heroes will provide of all the above, and:

  • A cheque presentation for your Club

Fundraise online: All donations made through this Rotary-specific  page will be tracked by club for District 7070. Copy this sample e-mail text, including the Rotary link, to get started.

Fundraise in your community with a printable pledge form.

You can put all of the funds raised by your club toward the purchase of “Hero Trees” (part of the 117,000 being planted on the highway to honour our war dead), “Service Trees” (trees that will be planted in community locations to honour all Canadians that have served), or a combination of both.

Woodlots of “Service Trees” are purchased in quantities based on the  amount of funds raised:
$2,500 = 100 Trees ($25 ea.)
$5,000 = 250 Trees ($20 ea.)
$7,500 = 500 Trees ($15 ea.)
$10,000 = 1,000 Trees ($10 ea.)

The Partnership campaign with Rotary District 7070 and the Highway of Heroes Living Tribute provides the opportunity:

  • To remind travellers along the Highway of Heroes of the debt that we  owe to those who have served protecting Canada. In other words, to show the Rotary support behind Service Above Self
  • To provide environmental benefits for generations to come – sequestering carbon, cleaning the air and filtering rainwater
  • To beautify North America’s most travelled highway

Thank you for your consideration.