Tell me more about Native Trees!

We love trees….and we especially love native Canadian trees. There are teams of experts collaborating on this project who understand the biology and ecology of native trees.  In cooperation with the Vineland Research & Innovation Centre, we’re using scientific research to guide our tree selection process within the transportation corridor. Rest assured, we’re going to put the right trees in the right locations.


How will we plant 117,000 trees? – with the right people of course. Our partners include Landscape Ontario (the trade association of tree and plant growers), Forests Ontario (the tree planting organization, empowered by the Government of Ontario to plant 50,000,000 trees by 2025.) and Maple Leaves Forever who are dedicated to increasing the coverage of native maple trees throughout southern Ontario.

What’s involved in tree planting & care?

Transplanted trees along the Highway of Heroes will face harsh conditions. To ensure the Tribute flourishes, our experts will prepare the ground, choose the right species for the right soil, and plan a watering and maintenance program for the first two years. Each community can help keep their leg of the Tribute alive and well.

There are over 200 specific planting sites identified by our comprehensive Landscape Master Plan. Designed by award winning Landscape Architect Ron Koudys, the plan looks at a number of factors including:

  • local topography, soil type and condition, prevailing wind and weather, views from the highway and line of site, ground and surface water, Setback distance from the highway, and available room for planting