What types of trees are you planting?

We are planting a variety of native species, both coniferous and deciduous.  We are working with industry experts at the Vineland Research & Innovation Centre to ensure that the proper preparation of the soil occurs and that the correct species of tree is chosen for each location.  Our goal is to ensure the trees survive and thrive.

Who will take care of them?

This work is being undertaken by professionals under contract with the Highway of Heroes Tree Campaign, Landscape Ontario and the Ministry of Transportation. Planting according to the protocols outlined by the Vineland Research & Innovation Centre, with heavy emphasis on site preparation ensures that minimal maintenance is required. A portion of our construction budget is allocated to maintenance, watering and replacement where necessary. Trees planted in public and private locations off the highway will be maintained by the land owners.

Who is planting the trees?

The trees along the 401 right-of-way are planted by various professional tree planting and landscape companies that specialize in highway tree planting. The companies must abide by the strict safety protocols outlined by the provincial Ministry of Transportation.  Trees planted in public locations will be planted through a volunteers from the community, under the guidance and supervision of professionals.

Are all of the trees going right along the side of the highway?

2 million trees in total are being planted as a tribute to our veterans and their service to Canada. Over 1.8 million trees will be planted in various locations in the communities that the Highway of Heroes passes through. These are known as “Service Trees”. A further 117,000 “Hero Trees” will be planted in more prominent locations directly adjacent to the 401 in honour of all those that have lost their lives in military service to Canada since Confederation.

Where will the signage be for the trees so we know who they are dedicated to?

Trees do not receive their own individual plaques, however we do post the names on our website and in our monthly newsletter when donations are made in honour of specific individual.  In addition, if you purchase a “Hero Tree” you will receive a certificate worthy of framing, naming the person for whom you are dedicating a tree.

Larger groves of trees often have signage installed in community locations and we are currently working with the ministry of transportation to develop appropriate marking and signage that will indicate the groves of our trees along the highway.

How can I get involved?

Donate. Volunteer at a planting event in the Spring or Fall. Sign up for our e-newsletter and follow us on social media. Help us spread the word!

Can I make a donation of securities or stocks?

Yes, we accept donations of securities/stocks.  Click here to download the donation form.

What do I get for $150 “Hero Tree” donation?

You will receive:

  • A tree planted on the Highway of Heroes on your behalf
  • A customized Certificate to dedicate your tree to a loved one
  • A charitable tax receipt

How long does it take to get my Certificate?

If your donation was made online, you will receive your Certificate within 3 to 4 weeks.  If your donation was mailed in with a cheque, you will receive your Certificate within 4 to 6 weeks.

Can I dedicate my tree to a loved one?

With your Hero Tree purchase you can dedicate your tree to whomever you wish.  Let us know what name you would like on your custom certificate.  If you mail in your donation, be sure to include this information with your cheque.

Can I choose what type of tree I get?

We want to ensure that all the planted trees survive and thrive.  We follow the industry best practice of “The right tree in the right location”. Therefore, we don’t currently have the option of enabling individual donors to chose what type of tree is planted on their behalf.  Tree species will be chosen from an approved list from our experts.