Earth Day Weekend – Tree Planting at Downsview Park Presented by TD

Check out the pictures and highlights from our Earth Day Weekend TD_SHIELD_PRINT_LOGO_COL_RGBTree Planting event at Downsview Park.  This planting was undertaken in collaboration with: Downsview Park, TD Bank Group, Maple Leaves Forever and Michael Levitt, Member of Parliament – York Centre.  Special thanks to TD who announced a $50,000 contribution to the HIghway of Heroes Living Tribute!

HoH Downsview20170423-312 HoH Downsview20170423-223 HoH Downsview20170423-245 HoH Downsview20170423-307 HoH Downsview20170423-321 HoH Downsview20170423-332 HoH Downsview20170423-357 HoH Downsview20170423-373 HoH Downsview20170423-419 HoH Downsview20170423-365 HoH Downsview20170423-377 HoH Downsview20170423-393 HoH Downsview20170423-401 HoH Downsview20170423-442 HoH Downsview20170423-422 HoH Downsview20170423-427 HoH Downsview20170423-429 HoH Downsview20170423-272 HoH Downsview20170423-112 HoH Downsview20170423-036 HoH Downsview20170423-072 HoH Downsview20170423-091 HoH Downsview20170423-110 HoH Downsview20170423-273 HoH Downsview20170423-377


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