Battle of Hill 70 – The victory Canadians forgot

Battle of Hill 70:  The carnage, courage and victory that Canadians forgot

A wounded Canadian soldier accompanies a German prisoner suffering from shell shock at Hill 70. Unfolding over 10 days in August, 1917, the battle saw Canadian soldiers take the hill near the strategic town of Lens despite a remarkable 21 German counterattacks – but at a heavy cost. ‘Dead bodies lie half buried under the fallen parapet and wounded are writhing in convulsions of pain … they lie in a mass of grey, with blood splashed all around,’ Arthur Lapointe, a signaler with the 22nd Battalion, wrote in his journal. GEORGE METCALF ARCHIVAL COLLECTION/CANADIAN WAR MUSEUM

Canadians know the story of Vimy Ridge and the horrors of Passchendaele. Now, with the unveiling of a stirring memorial in northern France, and a raft of initiatives set to unfold across Canada, the Battle of Hill 70 takes its place as a pivotal moment in the history of our country. Roy MacGregorreports

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