As the Living Tribute campaign builds momentum and more trees are planted each year we want to share as many stories as possible about the men and women who are honoured through this living memorial.   When you make a donation you can share the story of an individual whom you are honouring.

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Please read these stories to better understand the monumental sacrifice that has been collectively made by 117,000 brave Canadians. Lest we forget.

Corporal James Hayward ArnalDeployment Portraits

Born: April 9, 1983 – Kelvington, Saskatchewan

Enlistment: April 22, 2004 -Winnipeg, Manitoba

Deceased: July 18, 2008 – Panjwaii, Afghanistan, Age 25

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Sergeant Shawn Allen Eades, CMsgt-shawn-allen-eades

Born: March 26, 1975 – Hamilton, Ontario

Enlistment: June 9, 1994 – Winnipeg, Manitoba

Deceased: Aug 20, 2008 – Zharey District, Afghanistan, Age 33

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Major Michelle Linda Knight Mendes, CDmjr-michelle-mendes

Born: July 21, 1978 – Wicklow, Ontario

Enlistment: June 21, 1997 – Ottawa, Ontario

Deceased: Apr 23, 2009 – Kandahar, Afghanistan, Age 30

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Gunner Norman BrydgesGunner Norman Brydges

Born: January 22, 1896 – Guelph, Ontario

Enlistment: 35 Canadian Field Artillery, 10th Bde.

Deceased: July 15, 1917 – France, Age 21

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